The mission of Antonina Naturals:
To provide quality beauty products to those looking to lead a healthier, non toxic, simple lifestyle.

Hello Friends,

My name is Antonina the founder and entrepreneur of Antonina Naturals. My passion is to provide you with quality beauty products made with some of nature’s finest ingredients.

My hobbies are:

Running my business (I love it!), hiking, long boarding, and all things outdoors. I’m an espresso addict, animal enthusiast, lover of sappy romance movies, and all things good in life.

My happy place:

A canoe in the middle of the lake, hiking a woodsy scenic route, in my cozy bed watching Netflix or reading a book sipping on my caramel craft press.

Favorite Antonina Naturals Products:

Vanilla Latte Lip Balm, Citrus Lip Balm, White Peach Ginger Body Butter, and Peace + Calm Bath Bomb.

What inspired me to start Antonina Naturals:

With always having an ongoing passion for natural beauty and skin care, learning the importance of non toxic quality beauty products, and having an entrepreneurial spirit Antonina Naturals was born. I started making my products when I was 12 in my mom’s kitchen whipping body butters with my pink Kitchen Aid and staying up till midnight pouring lip balm tubes. I loved creating new products and I knew that I had great products and needed to share them with everyone.

Why Non toxic:

The beauty industry is putting hundreds of chemicals into our everyday beauty products such as skin care and makeup. At the end of the year the average women absorbs up to 5 pounds of chemicals through her beauty routine. To me that is not okay. My products are made with quality ingredients, luxurious oils, rejuvenating extracts, and of course always made with love.

Giving back:

10% of the month’s revenue goes to charitable organizations. Here at Antonina Naturals we feel passionate about serving others and giving back to the community. We sponsored our first child this year from World Vision!